Asterion Bio Med Inc. is a private consolidation platform for Canada’s highly fragmented Out of Hospital and Independent Healthcare Facilities

The principals of Asterion collectively have over 100 years experience working in a broad range of positions within the Canadian Healthcare industry

Events & News

2018 World Cannabis Congress

“As frontline fighters in the fight against pain, we’re always looking for new ways to treat or manage chronic pain, and it’s not very often that we have a new solution,” Dr. Rod noted at the World Cannabis Congress in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Toronto Poly Clinic Cannabis Study

The purpose of this study is to establish a research database to collect real-world data on large samples of patients with CNCP who are using cannabis to answer many important questions.

Management and Board of Directors

    Michael Caridi
    Chairman of the Board
    • Proven record for building start-up companies into national successes. Chairman of MAJIC Development Group LLC.
    • Involved in $100 million development projects, construction for many Fortune 500 clients and retailers.
    • Experience in business development consulting, a biotech industry consulting, and a diverse mix of independent business ventures: residential and commercial property ownership, restaurants, state mortgage banking enterprise, ship salvaging/dismantling, hotels, security services, magazine publishing, and alcohol/non-alcoholic import and export.
      Dr. Kevin Rod
      Chief Medical Officer
      • Certified Family Physician credentialed in Chronic Pain Management by the Canadian and American Academies of Pain Management.
      • Chair of Credentialing at the Canadian Academy of Pain Management and Vice Chair of the Ontario Medical Association Section of Chronic Pain.
      • Course Contributor at Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Medical Education and Member of the Postgraduate Association.
      • Lead Assessor for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario since 2009 and recently named Network Lead for the College.
      • Founded Toronto Poly Clinic, a leading specialty pain clinic in 2001.
        Peter Saunders
        • Held progressively senior management positions in both public and private companies operating in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries over the past 29 years.
        • Extensive government and regulatory experience, leading the adoption and implementation of Telehealth Ontario and Clinidata’s electronic medical records.
        • Co-founder of Oryx Pharmaceuticals Inc. prior to its eventual sale to Sepracor Inc. for approximately US$70 million.


        Toronto Poly Clinic Inc.

        Toronto Poly Clinic Inc. is a specialty pain clinic founded in 2001 by Dr. Kevin Rod.
        TPC is a leading healthcare provider in Toronto, specializing in the multi-disciplinary treatment of chronic pain. The Clinic is also active in areas of research and medical training in conjunction with the University of Toronto and employs ~20 associate physicians that treat more than 13,100 active patients.
        On May 1, 2017, TPC entered into a profit-sharing joint venture with HealthMax Physiotherapy (“HealthMax”) to provide allied healthcare and ancillary services to eligible referred and walk-in patients.
        HealthMax is a leading provider of rehabilitation services such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy and chiropractic care.
        TPC now has two locations in GTA with three core service lines for the treatment of chronic pain, supplemented with rehab services (HealthMax)
        • Pain Management Program

        • Injection Therapy

        • Medical Marijuana


        Asterion Bio Med Inc. has signed a definitive agreement with Jack Nathan Health for exclusivity of chronic pain and medical cannabis services in Jack Nathan Health clinics at 72 locations in six provinces across Canada.

        These clinics collectively have a flow of more than one million patient visits per year. This agreement also gives Asterion Bio Med Inc. the first right of refusal for providing chronic pain and medical cannabis services in any new clinics that Jack Nathan Medical Inc. opens in Canada.

        Patient Self-Management Educational Programs

        Medical Cannabis Opioid Reduction Program (MCORP)

        In 2017, 4000 Canadians have lost their lives because of opioid overdose. In order to address this crisis, Dr. ROD has developed a program for opioid reduction with proper use of medical cannabis along with psychological support.

        The focus of this program is on patient education leading to behavioral change.

        This program is accepted for presentation at the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, University of Toronto DFCM scientific conference, Ontario Medical Association AGM scientific program, and the World Cannabis Congress.

        Research & Development

        • Large scale, ethics board approved observational study on the effects and side-effects of medical marijuana.
        • Only community pain clinic selected to participate in the upcoming National Cannabinoid Network research study.

          • Funded by Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research.
          • Study to be completed in conjunction with McMaster University and St. Joseph’s Hospital.
        • Approved by Health Canada to conduct clinical trials for patented home use ultrasound device.

          • Specifically targeting enhanced CBD oil penetration to treatment areas.

        Education & Training

        • Partnerships with several Canadian Licensed Producers to provide patient education and support services.

          • Introduction to cannabis as a medicine, education on cannabis consumption techniques, counselling on strain and product selection, etc.
        • Developed accredited educational programs for physicians and nurse practitioners on appropriate use of medical marijuana .
        • Developed the Medical Cannabis Opioid Reduction Program (“MCORP”), a patent-pending, proprietary training program to provide physicians with an effective protocol for using medical cannabis to reduce patients’ opioid use in treating chronic pain.

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